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Our Values include listening to our customers and caring about what you tell us.

Please use our online form to tell us your comments and suggestions on how we can improve our services:

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Here are some examples of the changes we have made to the way we do things as a result of your feedback. We hope that these help make life a little easier when you contact us:

  • Planning – improving the language on our planning breach form. You told us that you would like to be able to report a ‘possible’ breach as it is not always clear if something is actually wrong. The form now states we will investigate whether or not a breach has taken place and the title of the form is now about an ‘enquiry’ not a ‘complaint’.
  • Council Tax – issuing refunds. We no longer issue cheque refunds but instead credit your bank account with any money we owe you. This is much quicker for you and more cost effective for us.
  • Dorking Cemetery – remembering loved ones. You told us you would like to have an area at the cemetery where loved ones could be remembered. In March 2022 we unveiled a new memorial wall and garden of remembrance. This gives a new option for bereaved families to purchase a brass plaque in memory of their loved ones to go on the memorial wall, as well as a dedicated area to scatter ashes.
  • Parking permits. You told us that the parking permit system for off street parking was too confusing. We have now simplified the permits into 4 easy to understand categories (Gold, Silver, Bronze and Concessionary) which are available to purchase online from 1 April 2022.