Scrutiny Committee Details

The Scrutiny Committee is made up from councillors who are not on the Cabinet. This enables these members to influence decisions that are taken by the Cabinet and ensure the views and needs of local people are taken into account. The committee has a membership of 11 councillors, based upon the political balance of Mole Valley District Council.

Role of the Scrutiny Committee

The Scrutiny Committee has a wide variety of functions, which include:

  • being able to 'call-in' for reconsideration decisions that have been made by the Cabinet, but not yet implemented
  • developing new policies and making recommendations for change to the Cabinet or Council
  • monitoring and scrutinising the performance of partner organisations
  • monitoring MVDC's performance
  • undertaking reviews of the services offered by MVDC

2022/2023 Scrutiny Committee Members

The composition of the Committee for 2022/2023 is -

Liberal Democrat

  • Roger Adams
  • Josie Brinker
  • Elizabeth Daly
  • Charles Engel
  • Rosemary Hobbs (substitute)
  • Paul Potter
  • David Preedy (substitute)
  • Elsie Rosam
  • Hazel Watson


  • Lynne Brooks (substitute)
  • Simon Budd (substitute)
  • Simon Moss
  • Joanna Slater (C)


  • David Harper (substitute)
  • David Hawksworth (substitute)
  • Chris Hunt (VC)
  • Garry Stansfield

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