Cabinet Details and Decision-Making

Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) operates an Cabinet model of governance, which currently consists of the Leader and Deputy Leader and eight lead members (also known as Cabinet Members), who have responsibility for various MVDC services.

The Cabinet makes decisions on services within MVDC's policies and budgets.

The Cabinet must comprise the Leader of the Council, the Deputy Leader of the Council (who acts in the absence of the Leader) and no more than eight other councillors appointed to the Cabinet by the Leader. In addition, the minimum number of members with which the Cabinet can function is three; a Leader, Deputy Leader and one other Member.

Current Members of the Cabinet

  • Leader of the Council - Councillor Stephen Cooksey
  • Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Finance - Councillor Bridget Kendrick
  • Cabinet Member for Planning - Councillor Margaret Cooksey
  • Cabinet Member for Community Services - Councillor Rosemary Hobbs
  • Cabinet Member for Internal Services and Security - Councillor Paul Kennedy 
  • Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Wellbeing - Councillor Claire Malcomson
  • Cabinet Member for Projects - Councillor Kiera Vyvyan-Robinson
  • Cabinet Member for Sustainable Economy - Councillor Clayton Wellman
  • Cabinet Member for Leisure and Tourism - Councillor Nick Wright

The Leader produces a Forward Plan for each year, which is updated on a monthly basis and covers a four month period. Those decisions which are outside the terms of reference of the Cabinet are taken by the Council or one of the decision making committees.

Officer Decision Making

Officer Key Decisions - key decisions to be taken by officers are included in the Leader's Forward Plan and will be published once taken. Please see 'Downloads' for any key decisions taken by officers.

Other recorded officer decisions - regulations require some other officer decisions to be recorded. Please see 'Downloads' for any recorded decisions.

The Cabinet is monitored and supported by the following committees:

  • Scrutiny Committee
  • Audit Committee 

Councillors who are not members of the Cabinet perform a scrutiny role as members of MVDC's Scrutiny and Audit Committees. The Scrutiny Committee undertakes 'forward looking' work such as helping to shape policy and making recommendations to the Cabinet before final decisions are taken. The Audit Committee reviews MVDC's past performance. 

Both committees are responsible for monitoring the decisions made and actions taken by MVDC's Cabinet and any Council functions, with the exception of regulatory decisions of the Standards Committee, to ensure that any decisions taken are appropriate and mindful to the needs of Mole Valley residents.