Temporary Event Notice

If you are planning a major event, particularly where the sale of alcohol will take place, you will need to purchase a Temporary Event Notice (TEN).

COVID-19 - Advice for event organisers on gatherings such as entertainment

Following on from the Government’s announcement, social distancing restrictions have now been lifted. This means that events can go ahead without capacity limits but control measures should still be in place to protect staff/volunteers and visitors.

Event organisers are responsible for assessing the potential risks which could occur during their event and putting measures in place to protect staff/volunteers and visitors from them. A Risk Assessment and Event Management Plan should be completed when planning the event and it should include control measures to manage the risk of COVID-19.

Although face coverings do not have to be worn inside, the Government are encouraging people to continue to use them when in crowded areas. Event organisers can recommend visitors and staff/volunteers use face masks when at the event.

Visitors will no longer be legally required to check in via the NHS Track and Trace app, however venues and events can still display the QR code if they want. Then customers who do want to log in can, plus organisers should have a system in place to record and store contact details of those who do not have the app but want to check in.

Suggested control measures to have in place:

  • Identify potential pinch points where crowds may form (toilets, bar, food stands) and plan measures to help control the flow of visitors in these areas, e.g. barriers used for queue management, floor markers, stewards in those areas
  • Have multiple entrances and exit points round the event site to avoid overcrowding
  • Implement a one way system round the venue or event site
  • Identify poorly ventilated areas if the event is inside or elements of it are inside. Put measures in place to improve fresh air flow as well as opening all available doors, windows, vents and ensure air conditioning units are set to intake fresh air. Only open doors if they do no create a security risk and aren’t a fire door
  • Frequently clean contact surfaces throughout the venue; PDQ machines, door handles, surfaces at catering counters, surfaces at stall, game equipment at fairs and common touch points in the toilets (flush, taps, door locks)
  • Also clean shared equipment after each individual use before passing it on to the next member of staff/volunteer/steward
  • Stagger arrival times to the venue by giving ticket holders designated time slot for their arrival, also send or email tickets in advance to avoid a large number of visitors having to queue for ticket collection at event
  • Have hand sanitiser available throughout the venue/event; entrance to building or event site, outside the toilets, at hospitality counters, in staff break areas etc
  • Ensure hand sanitiser and soap supplies are frequently checked on and refilled throughout the day along with displaying posters reminding visitors of the correct hand washing technique in the toilets
  • Have regular PA announcements reminding visitors of safety measures. 
  • If a visitors/audience member or member of staff begins to display symptoms of COVID-19, ask them to leave or deny entry and ask them to isolate accordingly.
  • At all pay points encourage contactless payments and e-tickets that can be shown on visitor/audience member’s phones
  • Let visitors know the safe measures that will be in place in advance via email, social media, at time of booking ticket or over the phone 
  • Consider using the NHS COVID Pass in order for customers to prove their negative test and/or vaccinations. Customers can access this through the NHS app, the NHS website, showing a letter which they request by ringing NHS 119 or by showing a text or email confirmation of test results. The Government will publish more guidance on using the NHS COVID Pass in due course, please keep up to date on the GOV website 
  • If having food and beverage stalls, they will need to follow the Government’s Hospitality Guidance

Temporary Event Notice

Before completing the form, read our guidance notes.

If you wish to hold an ad-hoc event in Mole Valley, Mole Valley District Council must receive your TEN no later than 10 clear working days prior to the event (not including the day of receipt or the day of the event).

If the premises where the event is to be held is in areas governed by two or more local authorities, applications must be made to each.

Unless you submit an electronic application, the police and local authority exercising environmental health functions for the area in which the premises are located must also be served a copy of your notice and receive it no later than 10 working days before the event.

You can only apply for a TEN as an individual, not an organisation.

You must keep your TEN in a safe place when the event is held. You must also display a copy of the notice where it can be easily seen.


  • you must be 18 years or over to apply for a TEN
  • your event must involve no more than 499 people at any one time and last no more than 168 hours (seven days) with a minimum of 24 hours between your event and the start or finish of another Temporary Event Notice.

Number of notices you can apply for

  • you can only be given a maximum of five TENs per year if you do not hold a personal licence under the Licensing Act 2003. If you do hold a personal licence, you can give a maximum of 50 TENs per year, however you are limited to a maximum number of TENs per premises.
  • premises are limited to a maximum duration covered by temporary event notices that is 21 days per calendar year or 15 TENs per calendar year for each premise, whichever is used up first.  

The TEN costs £21. You will need a debit or credit card to pay the fee online.

Apply for a Temporary Event Notice ›

Submission of Late Temporary Event Notices

Late notices can be given no later than five clear working days but no earlier than nine clear working days before the event in relation to which the notice is given. A late notice given later than five working days before the event to which it relates will be returned as void and the activities described in it will not be authorised.

The number of late notices that can be given is limited to 10 for a personal licence holder and two for non personal licence holders. You must tick the box on page three of the application form to show you are making a late application. 

Please note if there is an objection to the late TEN from either the police or Environmental Health Department the event will not go ahead and a counter notice will be issued and the event will not be authorised to proceed.


The Council can't refuse a notice unless the police or Environmental Health object to it. They must do this within three working days of receiving it. They can only object if they think your event could:

  • lead to crime and disorder
  • cause a public nuisance
  • be a threat to public safety
  • put children at risk of harm

If there's an objection, the Council's licensing committee will hold a meeting (called a 'hearing') no later than 24 hours before the event (unless all parties agree that a hearing isn't needed).

At the hearing, the committee will either approve, add conditions or reject the notice.

If the police or Environmental Health object to a late TEN, the notice won't be valid and you can't hold the event.


If you disagree with the licensing committee's decision, you can appeal to your local magistrates' court. You must do this within 21 days, and at least five working days before the date of your event.

Fines and penalties

You could be fined if you make any false statements in your application, or face prosecution if you breach the terms of the notice.

If you don't have a TEN and carry out an activity that you should have a licence for (or allow your premises to be used for one), you can be fined, sent to prison for up to six months, or both.

For more information, please visit the GOV.UK website, email licensing@molevalley.gov.uk or call 01306 885001.