Environment Blog

9 October 2020

Since having the honour of becoming Mole Valley’s Cabinet Member for the Environment and subsequently Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) declaring a Climate Emergency, I’ve been working with our officers on the new Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan. We have been planning the next steps so that MVDC can become carbon zero by 2030.  

The plan is due to be discussed by Councillors this month. Many of the new initiatives will start immediately to help mitigate global warming and show our commitment to this global challenge to our residents, businesses and partners.

The plan is very exciting. We’ve worked with many stakeholders and our residents’ Environment Forum. We will be introducing new measures, such as a greener energy contract, more energy efficiency in our buildings, increasing renewable energy generation, and gradually update our fleet of vehicles.

That’s just the start!

We are also working with our contractors and tenants to encourage them to move towards carbon zero. As part of the procurement of new contracts, goods and services we will consider how businesses are dealing with mitigating climate change during the process for purchasing.   

Our website will be a ‘go to’ place for our residents to look up advice on what they can do to help stop global warming and where they can find information on available grants and funding. For example, please have a look at this link if you are wanting to make your home more economical and climate friendly.

A plea from me…

Let’s work together to stop littering along verges from cars. This is so dangerous for our environment, especially small animals. Too often they get trapped in a bottle or plastic attached around their neck. You can report littering from vehicles online.

One more thing, if you are throwing your rubbish in a litter bin, please make sure you only put recyclable products in the section marked ‘recycling’. If non-recyclable items are found in the recycling section, the whole lot has to go to landfill, which is exactly what we are trying to stop.

Please watch this space to find out what more we are doing to reduce climate change. I'll be updating you in a couple of months, in my next blog.

Thank you all and keep safe.

Councillor Claire Malcomson, Cabinet Member for Environment