Business Hothouse Programme

Business Hothouse programme is part-funded by Mole Valley District Council.  All of the support is free and available through until March 2023.

Workshops, mentoring sessions and boot camps, delivered online by experienced business experts, are held on an almost daily basis, with new events announced every fortnight. Sign-up for email updates to be kept informed of upcoming sessions.

The Business Hothouse programme aims to support as many entrepreneurs and businesses as possible across the Coast-to-Capital area, which includes Mole Valley. The programme is designed to support the majority of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as entrepreneurs who are developing pre-trading ideas.   

As part of the support programme business grant funding is available from Invest4 Grant Funding. Established, growing businesses looking to take the next step can be awarded up to £170,000 and awards of up to £5,000 can be made to start-up businesses. The type of grant fund offered is known as ‘match-funding’, where a business has to provide 60% of the required investment to which the Invest4 fund will then ‘match-fund’ the 40% balance.

If you have any questions about the Business Hothouse business support programme please email