Planning Enforcement

If you intend to make alterations or material change to your property or premises, you will need to first ensure that where necessary, you gain planning permission from Mole Valley District Council (MVDC).

Although breaching planning control is not normally considered a criminal offence, it is a criminal offence to display unauthorised advertisements, or work on a listed building or protected trees without permission.

Enforcement Register

The Register of Enforcement and Stop Notices can be viewed in 'Enforcement Register' (see 'Downloads'). Most of the links in the register relating to enforcement action dated after 2000 allow you to view the details and associated documents. However, links to enforcement dated prior to 2001, and a few more recent ones, currently only display a blank page. If you wish to obtain details of any of these, please email with full details of your request.

Search the enforcement database

You can also search MVDC's Enforcement database to view Enforcement Notices issued since 1st January 2000, or view Appeal Documents and Appeal Decision Notices where an appeal has been made against an enforcement.

The Enforcement Search website has been upgraded. However, some older documents are still being added and may not be visible just yet. We hope to have them online soon and thank you for your patience.

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Report a Planning Breach

If you suspect that a development or material change of use is going on without planning permission, you can ask MVDC to investigate. Planning enforcement is not a ‘blue light service’ that can step in and immediately respond to stop alleged breaches of planning control. Nonetheless, all alleged breaches will be investigated. Full details can be found in the Local Enforcement Plan (see 'Downloads'). Please note, MVDC will not investigate anonymous complaints.

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Disclosure of information

Every effort is made to safeguard the confidentiality of any private individual who reports a potential breach of planning control. If an appeal is made to an enforcement notice, the complainant will be notified and asked if they wish to submit additional representations, or appear independently at a public inquiry or hearing in support of MVDC's case.

Representations from local people are often crucial to MVDC's success on appeal but, at this stage, any representations may be made public during an inquiry/hearing.

MVDC is also obliged to disclose certain information if requested. You should indicate on your complaint form whether or not you agree to your identity potentially being disclosed.

Local Enforcement Plan

A revised Local Enforcement Plan was adopted by MVDC in June 2022. The Plan shows how planning enforcement will be carried out, including how planning permissions will be monitored and how alleged breaches of planning control will be investigated. The Plan also describes the range of enforcement tools available to MVDC to resolve enforcement issues.