Infrastructure Needs Assessment

The Infrastructure Needs Assessment was initiated to give local communities the opportunity to say what infrastructure was most important to them.

The Assessment complements other work undertaken to understand the programmes of infrastructure providers in the District, and also wider County and regional projects to identify strategic infrastructure requirements.

Consultation was wide-ranging, using a variety of different channels, to reach as many residents, businesses and local organisations as possible. Responses to the consultation came from a range of different age groups and organisations. Almost 2000 postcards were returned and over 600 questionnaires filed out, either online or hardcopy format.

A wide range of suggestions were made, with road maintenance, parking and traffic congestion being the things that were mentioned most. Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) has published the results of the consultation and an action plan to show how, together with its partners, MVDC will address the concerns that have been raised and deliver infrastructure improvements. Please see 'downloads' below.