In Mole Valley you can recycle a range of textiles using our free kerbside collection.

What to do with an item?

Use the search tool below to find out what to do with an item. You will need to put in your postcode the first time you use it and then search for the item..


Simply put your textiles in one small carrier bag (or a small bin liner, such as a pedal bin liner) and place alongside your bins on collection day. All clothes and home textiles can be recycled as long as they are clean and dry. Please note textiles may not be be collected at the same time as other waste. Please allow  until 4pm for the collection to be made.

Please do not place your textiles in black refuse sacks or charity bags.

Yes please!

  • clothes like shirts, coats, tights and underwear
  • home textiles like towels, sheets and curtains
  • accessories like pairs of shoes, belts and bags

No thanks

  • single shoes
  • stuffed items like cushions, pillows and duvets
  • cuddly toys

Please note we can only take one bag of textiles per household per week. We also offer a weekly kerbside collection for small electrical appliances.

Additionally, you can recycle clothing and textiles at your local textile bank. These can be found in the Community Recycling Centres, as well as in many car parks in town centres and supermarkets around the district.

What do my clothes become?

Clothes and home textiles are either sorted to be worn and used again in the UK or abroad, or recycled into useful products like felt, insulation or stuffing.



Reuse: repair and re-wear

There are part-time adult learning classes in sewing, embroidery and upholstery run by East Surrey College that are held in Dorking and Leatherhead. Alternatively, you could follow web tutorials or ask a craft-loving friend or relative for help or donate them to charity shops.