Schools Recycling Service

All schools in Mole Valley are eligible to receive our school recycling service. By taking part, schools will not only become more environmentally friendly, but can also save money.

Through this service, Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) will collect mixed dry recycling; this includes all types of paper and cardboard, including directories, all metal tins and cans, aluminium foil, all types of plastic bottles, plastic food tubs, pots and trays and glass bottles and jars.

The material will be collected on a fortnightly basis during term-time. To contain the recyclable material, MVDC provides 1,100 litre bins free of charge. The number of bins required will be discussed with each school on an individual basis and is dependent on the amount and types of waste produced.


The price of the school recycling service is £8.50 per emptying of each 4-wheeled bin, and/or £4.25 to empty each 2-wheeled bin. Rental of the bins is free. This is a substantial saving on the current charges made by private waste companies to remove general waste. It is estimated that every general waste bin replaced by a recycling bin will save the school around £140 during the course of the year.

For more information

If your school is interested in this recycling service, please email giving details of the school's name, address, contact details and also, if possible, your current waste contractor and number of waste bins.


All Surrey state primary schools are being provided with free access to the Wastebuster waste and environmental education programme.

Wastebuster helps schools reduce waste, explore waste in the curriculum and work towards Eco-Schools Awards.

More information can be found on Surrey Environment Partnership.