Recycling Centres & Bring Sites

The cardboard collection banks at Reigate Road car park in Dorking and Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall car park will be removed on 1 September 2022. 

If you’re a regular cardboard recycler at these sites, we apologise for the inconvenience this may cause, but there are plenty of ways you can still recycle your cardboard: 

  • Flatten and fold/cut large boxes to ensure they can fit into the recycling bin with the lid closed 

  • If you've got extra cardboard that won't fit in your recycling bin, our bin crews will collect it on your recycling collection day if it’s flattened and tied into a bundle and placed next to your bin. You can also place it into a clear recycling sack to keep it dry (we can only recycle clean and dry cardboard). 

  • You can order a second recycling bin (at a cost) 

  • Or you can take it to the Dorking or Leatherhead tip 

There are two large community recycling centres located in Dorking and Leatherhead. These sites are owned by Surrey County Council and managed by SUEZ Surrey. There are also numerous recycling points for items such as textiles, cartons, card and waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

Leatherhead Community Recycling Centre ›


Dorking Community Recycling Centre ›


Bring sites within Mole Valley

There are numerous recycling bring sites in Mole Valley. The items which can be taken to these sites vary so please check what items can be accepted at each site before visiting. 

  • Ashtead, Peace Memorial Hall - cardboard, textiles and shoes, cartons (including Tetra Paks) and paper containers with metal ends (no lids) - please note the cardboard recycling collection bank will be removed on 1 September 2022.
  • Bookham, Lower Shott car park - cartons (including Tetra Paks) and paper containers with metal ends (no lids), textiles, shoes and WEEE.
  • Dorking, Reigate Road car park (behind the Sports Centre) - cardboard, textiles, shoes, WEEE, cartons (including Tetra Paks) and paper containers with metal ends (no lids) - please note the cardboard recycling collection bank will be removed on 1 September 2022
  • Leatherhead, Randalls Road car park - textiles, shoes, WEEE, cartons (including Tetra Paks) and paper containers with metal ends (no lids)
  • Ockley, Village Hall car park- textiles

Items for textile banks can either be placed straight into the container (i.e. without a bag) or in standard sized carrier bags. 

Refuse sacks MUST NOT be used- they are unlikely to fit through the openings of the textile banks or if they do, will often block the chutes, thus making the banks difficult to use.

Please keep shoes paired together, e.g. by tying the laces together, using string or elastic bands, or using a standard sized carrier bag. 


Third party recycling sites

A search tool on the Recycle Now website is available, to help users find recycling collection points at other sites, such as supermarkets. 

Plastic Free Bookham have produced a search tool, to make it easier for residents to find out what can be recycled and where, including details of local Terracycle schemes (more on Terracycle below). 


Terracycle schemes - for hard to recycle items 

Terracycle partners with volunteers from the general public, as well as major consumer product companies, retailers, manufacturers and small businesses, to provide a route for the recycling of items which are not suitable for regular household recycling (i.e. via kerbside collections).

Such items include crisp, biscuit and popcorn packets; bread bags, pet food pouches, home hygiene products, ring carriers and certain types of coffee pods.

In addition, some Terracycle schemes enable the volunteers taking part to generate income for charities, for what they collect. 

Local Terracycle schemes

Tadworth Terracycle collect items for multiple schemes via a number of drop-off points, including locations in Leatherhead and Headley. Money raised from collections is donated to the Alzheimer’s Society, RSPCA and several other charities. More information can be found on their Facebook page

Terracyle recycling for West Ashtead School also collect for multiple schemes and have drop-off points in Leatherhead, Ashtead, Fetcham and Dorking. Any money raised is donated to West Ashtead School. More information can be found on their Facebook Page

The Plastic Free Bookham search tool can be used to find details of local Terracycle schemes. 


Other schemes

Recorked UK

Recorked UK is the UK’s leading natural wine cork recycling program. They donate a percentage of their profit to nominated charities and also supply corks to charities and schools for use in craft projects.

Corks can be posted or taken to a public donation point. In Mole Valley, a public donation point can be found at Denbies Wine Estate.

Podback/Nespresso pod recycling schemes

Nespresso now offer several options to facilitate the recycling of coffee pods