Bin: Report a Missed Collection

If your bin has been missed during a collection, please allow us until 4pm to return. If it remains uncollected after that time, please report it.

Report a Missed Bin Collection ›

You must report a missed bin collection within 48 hours of the collection date. Please leave your bin out as normal. If you have not reported your missed bin within 48 hours, Amey, our waste contractor will be unable to return to collect the bin.

For Mole Valley service updates, visit the Joint Waste Solutions website

Before reporting that your bin was missed, please ensure that your bin:

  • was unobstructed and placed at the edge of your property 
  • did not contain the wrong type of waste (see 'What goes in my bins' for more details)
  • was put out on the correct day for collection by 6am (see 'Calendar - Collection Day' for more information)

Amey has between 6am and 4pm to collect your bin(s) on collection day, before it can be reported as missed. Although collection times can become regular in an area they are not fixed and may change on a weekly basis.

If your bin does get missed and you are unable to report it online, you can call us on 01306 885001 after 4pm on the day of collection or within 48 hours of your bin being missed.


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