Medical Waste

Mole Valley District Council provides free household medical waste collections of sharps boxes and orange sacks.

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How you dispose of medical waste depends on the type.

Orange sack

We provide a collection service to residents who have waste at home that could be harmful to others. A health or care professional will advise you of what waste should go in the orange sack, such as:

  • swabs and wound dressings or bandages
  • wound vacuum drains or pump

Only waste that could be harmful should go in the orange sack. This is because it is safely disposed of at a high temperature - which is an expensive process. So to avoid unnecessary costs to the taxpayer, any other waste should go into your general waste bin - for details see below.

Box for sharps

A box is supplied so you can safely dispose of needles, hypodermic needles and scalpels. They should never be put in your general rubbish bin.   

General rubbish bin

All other waste can go in your general waste bin. You might wish to double wrap in a plastic bag when necessary. These include:

  • dressings and bandages that will not be harmful to others
  • stoma bags
  • catheter waste (please empty the contents in the toilet)
  • 'peg' or stomach feeding equipment
  • empty saline or glucose IV bags and tubing from home dialysis
  • incontinence pads
  • sanitary product
  • blister packs

Cardboard packaging, and plastic or glass bottles can go in your recycling.


Take unwanted or out of date medicines to your local pharmacy. Do not place in your general rubbish. We cannot accept medicines as part of our medical waste collection as our contractor are not licensed to carry medicines.