Cllr Wayne Monkman

Cllr Wayne Monkman

I was born on the 22nd June 1950 in Hampstead, London and was brought up in Barnet, North London. I am married with two daughters and a son and have lived in Dorking for over 11 years.

As a young person in the sixties I had to leave home at the age of sixteen and find my own way in life, so I can understand and sympathise with the problems that some young people have today.

I became a member of the Parachute Regiment at the age of seventeen, completing my parachute training at Abingdon in Oxfordshire.

I have been involved in various sports all my life including martial arts, cross country running, mountaineering, scuba diving, parachuting and marathons. I was the founder and Chair for the European Paintball Sports Federation, which involved visiting and negotiating with the Home Office over the legality of paintball and winning approval. I was also the founder and Chair for the Barnet Copthall Diving Club.

I have been the key organiser and originator of many events, both nationally and internationally.

I have been in business for over thirty years, my company Camelot Events Ltd was one of the partners in the group that put together and helped to finance the Pegasus Bridge Project to commemorate the 60th anniversary of D-day in June 2004, involving the training and parachuting of a group of young people onto the historical Drop Zone of the 6th Airborne Division. I believe that young people respond to excitement and adventure which brings about qualities such as respect, discipline and team work.

I am the MD for Camelot Events, The Nuts Challenge and London Youth Actions all based just outside Dorking. Through my business I have been involved and filmed in the production of many media productions in film and TV including: Battle of Arnhem Tour of Duty, Sports Relief, Comic Relief, Sky Sports, Britain's Next Top Model Boot Camp, The Morning Programme Live and many more.

I have worked with and helped with various local charities like the Studio ADHD Centre in Capel and more physically challenging, Operation Suryavarman which involved delivering prosthetics for mine victims to parts of Cambodia, with the help of the Royal Cambodian Special Force 911 Team during their new King's Coronation in 2004.

I became involved in local politics as the founder and chair for the Scholars Walk Residents Association. Since then I have worked for the local community on various projects and have become a member of the Liberal Democrats.

I am new to the business of politics, however I feel I have a wealth of life experience to offer and have a direct and down to earth approach to anything I get involved in.

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