Cllr Lynne Brooks

Cllr Lynne Brooks

Lynne Brooks is a local resident (since 1989) within the Fetcham East Ward, with two daughters, one at university in Bristol and another completing GCSEs.

Lynne is a qualified Company Secretary (ACIS) and Corporate Treasurer (ACT), who is now Managing Director of a small medical operating company. Medical Equipment Solutions operates in the highly specialised area of radiosurgery and radiotherapy and has worked in conjunction with the NHS for 8 years. Medical Equipment Solutions is backed and part of an equity and asset finance group. The company currently runs one radiosurgery centre, is building a second and likely to compete a third in 2013.

Lynne was previously a corporate financier, with two leading investment banks. Lynne's experience is financially based, with a long and strong interest in health and the integration of social care.

Lynne has a number of interests including gardening, walking the dog, football and entertaining.

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Cllr Lynne Brooks
Conservative Member
15 Cedar Drive
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United Kingdom
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