Cllr Lisa Scott

Image of Cllr Lisa Scott

Lisa has been a Mole Valley resident for 18 years and Parish Councillor for seven, spearheading such projects as reducing traffic volume and speeds, particularly in residential areas.  

Lisa was motivated to move in to politics when Mole Valley became the target of unwelcome interest from the oil exploration industry. Unwanted ‘developments’ from a range of industries have perpetuated this. 

Lisa believes passionately that the key to a positive and sustainable future is through strong local communities, protecting and promoting local trades, businesses and services to create local jobs for local people. Lisa supports a Work From Home and 4 day week culture to reduce the pressure to commute. In her spare time, Lisa keeps an allotment and enjoys cycling and triathlon. 

Contact details

Cllr Lisa Scott
Green Party Member
c/o Mole Valley District Council
07766 501 801