Other Business-Related Licences

For details on charges, see ‘Environment Health Fees and Charges’.

If you have any queries, please email env.health@molevalley.gov.uk.

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Fees and Charges

It is illegal to conduct ear piercing, tattooing, acupuncture or electrolysis unless the registration has been formally approved.

An applicant must ensure that the procedures, equipment and facilities used are safe, hygienic, can prevent the spread of disease and comply fully with the general duty of care required.

Once an application has been submitted and the fee paid, an inspection of the premises will be made.

If the inspector considers the applicant’s procedures and the premises to be suitable, then registration will be approved.

There are no powers to refuse registration, but the practice is controlled through compliance with byelaws in each case.

Byelaws requirements


  • any needle, metal instrument or other item of equipment used in the treatment, must be in a sterile condition and kept sterile until it is used
  • if pre-sterilised items are not used, then adequate facilities must be provided for the purpose of sterilisation

Premises and cleanliness

  • a ‘no smoking’ sign must be prominently displayed
  • all furniture and fittings in the treatment area must be kept clean and in good repair
  • all surfaces in any part of the premises used by clients must be kept clean and in good repair
  • any open cut, wound, sore or boil must be suitably covered by an impermeable dressing
  • any overall worn by the operative should be clean and in good repair
  • tables, couches, seats etc used in the treatment area must have a smooth, impervious surface which is regularly wiped down with disinfectant and covered by a disposable paper sheet, changed after each client
  • the operative should have sole use of the washing facilities which must provide hot and cold running water, soap (or a similar cleanser) and a nail brush
  • the operative should not smoke nor drink in the treatment area
  • the operative’s hands and nails must be kept clean

Further guidance

Registration holders must adhere to the following:

  • a person under the age of 18 years may receive body piercing provided that a written permission form is produced from, or the treatment is performed in the presence of, the person’s parent or guardian
  • it is an offence to tattoo any person under the age of 18 years, regardless of parental consent
  • records should be retained for a minimum of one year
  • nipple and genital piercing is prohibited on minors, regardless of parental consent
  • the health of the client and the suitability of the treatment should be discussed prior to its administration. It is advisable to keep written records of the name and address of every client and date of the activity. Accurate dates will be valuable if there is any question of an infection problem and can often help to protect the practitioner

Applying for a licence

Complete an application form on GOV.UK.

Tacit consent does not apply to this application as it is in the public interest for us to process your application before it can be granted.

Fees and Charges

Complete an application form on GOV.UK.

In summary, the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 provides the following:

  • scrap metal dealers and motor salvage operators will both be “scrap metal dealers”
  • an enhanced licence application process, including consultation with the police and Environment Agency. There will be two categories of licence – a site licence (can be for multiple sites within Mole Valley) and a collector’s licence (separate licences will be required for each council area where collections take place)
  • power for us to refuse or revoke a licence or impose conditions where appropriate, subject to the right to make representations before refusal, revocation or the imposition of conditions (these are limited to times of operation and a requirement that metal will be kept in its original form for a minimum of 72 hours)
  • licence to be displayed at site or on collector’s vehicle where it can be read by the public
  • sellers must produce personal ID at the point of sale
  • no cash purchases of scrap metal in any circumstances
  • police and us have authority to inspect sites
  • central on-line register held by the Environment Agency
  • fees are set locally
  • closure notice (from police or local authority) for unlicensed sites; closure orders (via magistrates’ court) if still used as such after seven days

Establishments can be:

  • sex cinemas: any premises used to a significant degree for showing films which are concerned primarily with, or relate to, or are intended to stimulate sexual activity
  • sexual entertainment venues: premises used for the following forms of entertainment: lap dancing, pole dancing, table dancing, strip shows, peep shows and live sex shows
  • sex shops: premises used for business which consist to a significant degree of selling sex articles

When considering an application for a sex establishment licence, we may only use the following criteria:

  • the location and situation of the premises in relation to other premises in the area
  • the suitability of the applicant
  • whether the number of sex establishments in that locality is equal to, or exceeds the number which the council considers appropriate for the area
  • whether the person applying is a ‘front’ person for someone else

Complete and return an application form and email it to env.health@molevalley.go.uk.

Please also read the guidance notes.

Tacit consent does not apply to applications for this licence as it is in the public interest for the authority to process your application before it can be granted.

All premises where cooling towers and evaporative condensers are situated must register with their local authority.

The purpose of this is to identify potential areas that could give rise to the spread of infectious disease e.g. legionella, and to ensure that measures are taken to eliminate the risk of such infection arising to employees and the public.

Applying for a licence

All premises that have cooling towers and/or evaporative condensers must register with their local authority.

All changes and alterations should also be reported.

Complete an application form on GOV.UK.

For advice, more information or for a copy of the public register, email env.health@molevalley.gov.uk.

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