Ranmore BMX Site Consultation - May 2021 

What are the next steps?

Our consultation ran for two weeks, from 10 May to 24 May 2021. If you left your views about the future management and maintenance of this site, we would like to thank you for taking the time to do so.

Update 21//6/21: Having analysed the results of the public consultation, alonside carefully considering feedback from other key stakeholders, the report concerning the future management and maintenance of the site, due to be heard at a Cabinet meeting on 22 June, has been withdrawn.

This decision was taken to allow more time and further detailed work to be carried out to ensure the best way forward is found. Future updates will appear here. For more information, visit our news website.


The Ranmore BMX track was built by MVDC, in partnership with the Mole Valley Cycling Forum, in 2003 to provide a safe place for local mountain/BMX biking enthusiasts to practice. The site has since become overgrown and dominated by scrubland which has meant that many of the original tracks are now unusable. 

In recent years, a small voluntary group of local cyclists carried out work to cut back some of the overgrown scrubland. The group will no longer be volunteering in this way and MVDC does not have the budget to bring the site back to its original condition and maintain it. 

MVDC has a duty to carry out monthly inspections to ensure the facilities are safe to use. MVDC has become aware of numerous ongoing anti-social issues at the site and continues to work with the Police to address this. 

What are the available options? 

The site has the potential to be a popular, safe and much-valued venue for families and local cycling enthusiasts of all ages and abilities to visit and enjoy. 

MVDC has been approached by a local organisation that runs Mountain Biking courses at Belmont School. They have proposed taking on responsibility for the BMX track and investing in it under the name of ‘Surrey Bike Park’. 

This is one option. The second MVDC is exploring is to see whether there is sufficient interest from the local community and users of the site to volunteer their services to maintain the site and make it safe and usable. This option would mean use of the park would remain free of charge. 

What exactly is proposed by Surrey Bike Park? 

The proposed redevelopment would include a series of bike tracks suitable for different abilities and retain a woodland, countryside feel, protecting the biodiversity on the site. The facilities would be staffed six days a week (closed on Mondays) and open all year round. Memberships and day passes would be available at a cost, as follows: 


Annual membership will be offered on the following basis: 

£125.00 access all year and 20% on all coaching 

Public Services (NHS/Forces)
£100.00 access all year and 20% on all coaching 

Youth (Under 18)
£90.00 access all year and 20% on all coaching 

Full Time Student
£90.00 access all year and 20% on all coaching 

Family 2 Adults 2 Children
£305.00 access all year and 20% on all coaching 

Day Pass 

In addition, day passes will be available as follows:

£10.00 all day access 

After School  
£5.00 after school access (seasonal) 

Low Income
£7.50 all day access 

After School (Low Income)
£3.75 after school access (seasonal)

Existing Site


Proposed plan