Planning Application - Details

Application Details
22-May-2015  * Not applicable for certain types of application, including Tree Applications.
Leatherhead (Unparished)
Leatherhead South
14-22, Church Street, Leatherhead, Surrey, KT22 8DW
Erection of ground and first floor rear extension to provide additional retail space.
Decision made      29-Sep-2015      APPROVED WITH CONDITIONS
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Conditions/Reasons For Refusal

Type Short Desc
Condition Time Limit - Detailed
Condition Tree protection
Condition External materials to be submitted for approval
Condition Hard surfacing - details to be submitted for approval
Condition Restriction on Commercial Activities - opening hours
Condition Restriction on Commercial Activities - delivery hours
Condition Shop Window Display
Condition Restriction on construction hours etc
Condition BREEAM
Condition Sustainable Development - renewables
Condition Landscaping - details to be submitted
Condition Parking and Turning
Condition Construction Transport Management Plan
Condition Provision for Sustainable Modes
Condition Travel Plan
Reason Informative
Reason Informative
Reason Informative - Other Works to the Highway
Reason Highways Informative
Reason Informative
Reason Section 59 of the Highways Act
Reason Manoeuvre from High Street onto The Crescent
Condition Env Agency re contamination
Condition Archaeology
Condition large scale working drawings
Condition External joinery details
Reason Advertisements
Condition Construction Environmental Management Plan
Condition Noise from plant and equipment
Condition Quiet delivery scheme for deliveries prior to 7.30am
Condition Bin storage details to be submitted
Condition alteration to ticket machine 'island' to avoid vehicles over-running kerb
Condition Reorganisation of parking layout in souther side of Church Street car park
Condition Plan Numbers
Condition Disabled Access - door widths
Condition Disabled access - ramp gradient
Condition Submission of Additional Details - rainwater goods
Condition Submission of Additional Details - ventilation systems
Condition Boundary Treatments - details to be submitted
Reason No Departure from Approved Plans
Reason Recycling of Building Materials
Reason Unilateral Undertaking
Condition scheme to prevent trolleys being removed from site
Condition details of design of cycle stands
Directive User Defined Directive
Reason one delivery vehicles at a time