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MPs, MEPs & Surrey County Councillors

As well as the District Councillors who represent you in Mole Valley, there are also a number of elected Members of Parliament (MP's), Members of European Parliament (MEP's), and Surrey County Councillors. To find out the contact details for your Surrey County Councillor, please type your address or postcode into 'Mole Valley and Me'.

Members of Parliament

Members of European Parliament

  • Daniel Hannan (Conservative)
  • James Elles (Conservative)
  • Nirj Deva (Conservative)
  • Richard Ashworth (Conservative)
  • Keith Taylor (Green Party)
  • Peter Skinner (Labour)
  • Catherine Bearder (Liberal Democrat)
  • Sharon Bowles (Liberal Democrat) 
  • Marta Andreasen (Conservative)
  • Nigel Farage (UK Independence Party)

Surrey County Councillors

  • Chris Townsend (Independent): Ashtead
  • Clare Curran (Conservative): Bookham and Fetcham West
  • Hazel Watson (Liberal Democrat): Dorking Hills
  • Helyn Clack (Conservative): Dorking Rural
  • Stephen Cooksey (Liberal Democrat): Dorking and the Holmwoods
  • Tim Hall (Conservative): Leatherhead and Fetcham East

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