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Your Local Councillors

Please find listed below information and contact details for all 41 Mole Valley District Councillors. You can find out the name and contact details for your local Councillor by inputting your address or postcode in 'Mole Valley and Me'.

The list is arranged alphabetically by Ward.

 Cllr Paula Hancock
Cllr Paula Hancock
ASHTEAD COMMON cllr.hancock@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:+44 01372 277070

 Photo of Cllr Northcott
Cllr John Northcott
ASHTEAD COMMON cllr.northcott@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:+44 01372 277331

 Councillor Peter Stanyard
Cllr Peter Stanyard
ASHTEAD PARK cllr.stanyard@molevalley.gov.uk

 Photo of Cllr Townsend
Cllr Chris Townsend
ASHTEAD PARK cllr.townsend@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:+44 01372 272076

 Cllr Mary Cooper
Cllr Mary Cooper
ASHTEAD VILLAGE cllr.cooper@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:+44 01372 273489

 Cllr Simon Ling
Cllr Simon Ling
ASHTEAD VILLAGE cllr.ling@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:01372 813047

 Photo of Cllr Hunt
Cllr Chris Hunt
ASHTEAD VILLAGE cllr.hunt@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:07725 174146

 Photo of Cllr V Homewood
Cllr Valerie Homewood
BEARE GREEN cllr.valeriehomewood@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:+44 01737 843603

 Councillor Lucy Botting
Cllr Lucy Botting
Bookham North cllr.botting@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:+44 07710 134426

 Photo of Cllr Curran
Cllr Clare Curran
BOOKHAM NORTH cllr.curran@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:+44 01372 452225

 Cllr Newman
Cllr Paul Newman
Bookham North cllr.newman@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:0208 7703630

 Cllr Brooks
Cllr Stella Brooks
Bookham South cllr.brooks@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:01372 459150

 Cllr Chandler
Cllr John Chandler
BOOKHAM SOUTH cllr.chandler@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:+44 01372 458106

 Councillor Jatin Patel
Cllr Jatin Patel
Bookham South cllr.patel@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:+44 01372 450662

 Cllr Preedy
Cllr David Preedy
Boxhill & Headley cllr.preedy@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:01372 361151

 Cllr Muggeridge
Cllr John Muggeridge
Brockham, Betchworth & Buckland cllr.muggeridge@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:0776 8867809

 Cllr Paul Potter
Cllr Paul Potter
Brockham, Betchworth & Buckland cllr.potter@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:01737 842779

 Councillor Mary Huggins
Cllr Mary Huggins
Capel, Leigh & Newdigate cllr.huggins@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:+44 01306 712303

 Cllr Osborne-Patterson
Cllr Corinna Osborne-Patterson
Capel, Leigh & Newdigate Cllr.Osborne-Patterson@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:01293 871547

 Cllr Yarwood
Cllr Charles Yarwood
Charlwood cllr.yarwood@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:01293 863756

 Councillor David Draper
Cllr David Draper
Dorking North cllr.draper@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:+44 01306 887320

 Cllr Elderton
Cllr Paul Elderton
DORKING NORTH paul.elderton@virgin.net
Tel:01306 743172

 Photo of Cllr M Cooksey
Cllr Margaret Cooksey
DORKING SOUTH cllr.margaretcooksey@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:+44 01306 881663

 Photo of Cllr S Cooksey
Cllr Stephen Cooksey
DORKING SOUTH cllr.cooksey@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:+44 01306 881663

 Cllr Loretto
Cllr Tim Loretto
DORKING SOUTH cllr.loretto@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:+44 07788 128200

 Cllr Lynne Brooks
Cllr Lynne Brooks
FETCHAM EAST Cllr.LynneBrooks@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:+44 07768 004722

 Councillor Sarah Seed
Cllr Sarah Seed
Fetcham East cllr.seed@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:+44 01372 374060

 Photo of Cllr Aboud
Cllr Emile Aboud
FETCHAM WEST cllr.aboud@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:+44 01372 452080

 Cllr Raj Haque
Cllr Raj Haque
FETCHAM WEST cllr.haque@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:01372 800932

 Photo of Cllr Longhurst
Cllr Mick Longhurst
HOLMWOODS cllr.longhurst@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:+44 01306 741781

 Cllr Wayne Monkman
Cllr Wayne Monkman
HOLMWOODS cllr.monkman@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:+44 01306 888067

 Councillor Stephen Musgrove
Cllr Stephen Musgrove
Holmwoods cllr.musgrove@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:+44 01306 252061

 Councillor Howard Jones
Cllr Howard Jones
Leatherhead North cllr.jones@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:+44 01372 274708

 Photo of Cllr Lewis-Carr
Cllr Bridget Lewis-Carr
LEATHERHEAD NORTH cllr.lewis-carr@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:+44 01372 817504

 Cllr Philippa Shimmin
Cllr Philippa Shimmin
LEATHERHEAD NORTH cllr.shimmin@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:+44 01372 275028

 Councillor Tim Ashton
Cllr Tim Ashton
Leatherhead South cllr.ashton@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:+44 01372 276337

 Photo of Cllr Dickson
Cllr Rosemary Dickson
LEATHERHEAD SOUTH cllr.dickson@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:+44 01372 379552

 Cllr Mir
Cllr David Mir
LEITH HILL cllr.mir@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:01306 887746

 Cllr Roger Hurst
Cllr Roger Hurst
Mickleham, Westhumble & Pixham cllr.hurst@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:01306 883144

 Photo of Cllr Michael
Cllr Vivienne Michael
OKEWOOD cllr.michael@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:+44 01293 862447

 Cllr Friend
Cllr James Friend
WESTCOTT cllr.friend@molevalley.gov.uk
Tel:+44 01306 881251

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