Christmas Recycling

Did you know that Santa is going green this Christmas? The festive season is the perfect time to think about our environmental impact and it's easy to give a gift to the planet as well as your loved ones.

Santa's green tips include choosing cards and wrapping paper that can be recycled when you head to the shops. That means anything with batteries or with glitter on needs to stay on the shelves. The same goes for any wrapping paper that is lined with foil or plastic. 

Why not make sure you stay on Santa's nice list this holiday season by following more of his top tips:

  1. Recycle your empty cardboard mince pie, biscuit and chocolate boxes.
  2. Fold and recycle cardboard delivery and toy boxes.
  3. Put paper cards and wrapping (that are glitter, foil and plastic free) into your recycling bin.
  4. Plan your party food in advance and freeze any cooked or uncooked food you didn't get around to eating.
  5. Get creative with your leftovers and try out some new recipes.
  6. Put food that can't be eaten, like bones, egg shells and peelings into your food caddy. 

Discover leftover recipes, food waste tips and more information on what else you can recycle at or you can download the Surrey Recycles app.

Want to know which bin to put something in or where to take it? Use the search below to find out.

Rubbish and recycling collections will change over the festive period. Check out the changes on our 2019/20 Christmas and New Year Collections web page.

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