Swan Centre Refurbishment

The first phase has been completed on time. The second phase of refurbishment began on January 14th and is due to complete at the end of the summer 2019, click below for more details.

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Thank you for bearing with us!

Phase 2

The second phase will see the completion of the car park improvement works on Levels 5-6, installation of new parking payment machines and signage and replacement of the passenger and goods lifts.

24th July update

Electric vehicle charging points now available! The first of its kind to feature in MVDC-owned car parks. The two charging points are available on Level 5 of the Swan Centre and are for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles only.


To be able to take advantage of the charging points, users will need to subscribe to Chargemaster's Polar Plus subscriptions service. More information is available by visiting www.chargemasterplc.com/polar

25th June update

The first new passenger lift is now open!

23rd May update

  • The first new passenger lift will be open for use in the 1st week in June.
  • The new goods lift will be complete and open for use in the 2nd week in June.
  • The next steps for this phase are the installation of the second passenger lift and the installation of the second goods lift.

    19th February update

    The car park improvement works on Levels 5-6 have completed on time. This has included:

    • improvements around the ramps including painting and chamfering (reducing and angling the edges) of the kerbs, painting the walls and applying rubber protection.
    • The floors and stairwells have been freshened up and redecorated.
    • The new ticket machines will arrive in the next few weeks and some outstanding snagging issues will be completed

    The first passenger lift works are well underway and will remain out of use until early April.

    Updated Timeline

    Mid Jan 2019 - late Feb 2019: Car park works will be completed on levels 5-6.

    Mid Jan 2019 - early June 2019: One passenger lift and one goods lift will be replaced.

    Mid June 019 - end of summer 2019: The second passenger lift and second goods lift will be replaced.

    Please note the lifts belonging to Sainsbury's will not be affected by these works.

    Phase 3

    Fresh, rebranded signage will be installed around the centre (timing tbc).

    We have put on hold the creation of a new retail unit.

    Since March 2019 the outlook for the retail market and the wider economy has become increasingly uncertain. In light of this, and the recommendation to secure a development partner, (subject to Cabinet approval) we have decided to put on hold the creation of a new small retail unit as previously planned. Instead, we are evaluating the benefits of introducing mobile retail stands. These can be moved around the Swan Centre so that they work for different types of retailer, and are a lower cost alternative for new retailers.

    Phase 1 - complete

    Public toilets

    Stylish and refreshed, the completely renewed public toilets and new baby changing facilities at the Swan Centre have now opened.

    We are grateful to Sainsbury's, Boots, Costa's and Mangobean café for supporting us during the refurbishment works and offering their facilities to the public.

    Some quotes from happy customers:

    "Toilets are nice and modern"
    "Much better facilities"
    "Fantastic loos in the Swan Centre, Leatherhead. . .  Thanks"
    "Great work and the loos are superb. I thought I was in a large smart hotel."

    Car Park Levels 1-4

    The improvements to Levels 1-4 of the car park, recommended by transport engineers, include:-

    • Improvements around the ramps including painting and chamfering (reducing and angling the edges) of the kerbs, painting the walls and applying rubber protection.

    • 18 spaces have been converted into new smaller car and motorcycle spaces to allow a better turning route to navigate the ramps. 
    • All the parent and child spaces have been retained but have been moved further away from the ramps on Levels 1 and 3.
    • We have created new wider spaces on Levels 3 and 4.
    • We have retained the 18 disabled spaces but 4 have now moved to Level 4 - making it 8 spaces on Level 4 overall.
    • The floors and stairwells have been freshened up and redecorated.

    Check out our video for more information:

    And here are some nice comments:

    "Apart from demolishing & rebuilding the whole site, there was little that could be done; however, the changes that have been made are appreciated, particularly the creation of two wide parking spaces in place of three narrow ones, which were difficult to navigate, especially when some of today's very large family cars had squeezed in. Also, the rounding-off of the sharp corners on the bends leading to the ramps and the cladding of the concrete pillars have helped. Finally, the whole area looks much better, now that it has been freshly painted ... I was sorry to see some graffiti on a white wall, but this had been painted over a couple of days later ... bravo!"

    Between November and January there will be no further work to ensure there is no impact on the Christmas trading period.


    Why are the works taking place?

    Mole Valley District Council is undertaking these initial refurbishments as part of its Transform Leatherhead initiatives aimed at rejuvenating, expanding and transforming Leatherhead town centre. Along-side these works we are working closely with retail experts, Cushman and Wakefield and their multi-disciplinary team to develop anevidence based, long term, development recommendation for the Swan Centre, to act as a catalyst to revitalise the High Street. This is planned to be the subject of a report to the Cabinet in February 2019.

    As stakeholders on Leatherhead High Street, Mole Valley District Council has the opportunity to positively influence the retail offer.

    How long will it all take?

    The works are taking place in 3 phases from early September 2018 through to late summer 2019. See above for details.

    Will I still be able to park at the Swan Centre?

    Yes. At no point will the car park be closed. There will be Traffic Marshalls to direct users throughout the construction process.

    Is there any risk to my vehicle from these works?

    There will be minimal risk to vehicles, small sections of concrete will be cut back to facilitate the improvement works however Traffic Marshalls will ensure this will have minimal impact and risk to users.

    Will there continue to be disabled parking available?


    Where can I go to the toilet instead?

    The toilets will be closed from 1st week September to late October 2018. During this time Sainsbury's are generously allowing its toilets to be used instead. Replacement baby change facilities are also available in Boots.

    Will I still be able to use the lifts?

    Only one Swan Centre passenger lift will be worked on at a time in early 2019, the other passenger lift will remain available. Sainsbury's lifts are not affected by the works.

    Who is undertaking the work?

    The lead contractor for these work is H A Marks of London.