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Capital Fund

The Capital Fund is available to community and voluntary organisations in Mole Valley for capital projects. This includes projects such as community building improvements, new playground equipment and sports facilities. Funding applications up to £25,000 are recommended.

Mickleham Playground
Mickleham Playground
Mickleham Playground

The Capital Fund for 2020/21 is now closed to new applications. Grant payments are made after April 2020 and on completion of your project and receipt of supplier invoices.

How do I apply?

Complete the Expression of Interest form to find out if your organisation and project meets the eligibility criteria.

Based on the information you provide, we will advise you if your project or organisation meets our eligibility criteria. We will also provide you with a grant application form when the fund reopens in April 2020 if relevant and give you the deadlines for applying. Please note that providing you with this information and an application form does not guarantee that your application will be successful.

When making a full application you will also be asked to supply additional documents by email or post.

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Previous projects awarded Capital Grant funding

Providence Chapel Charlwood Trust - £20,000 in 2018/19

  • Contribution towards restoring and reopening historic chapel for community use.

South Bookham Space Ltd - £20,000 in 2018/19

  • Funding towards the addition of a first floor room to extend facilities for meetings and social events

Mickleham Children's Playground Association- £20,000 in 2016/17

  • Replacement of old playground equipment, fence and surfacing

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