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District Elections: May 2018 Results

Elections were held in 14 District Council Wards on Thursday 3 May 2018. The results are set out below.

Ashtead Common

Candidate Party Votes
BRIDGEN, Marion Reswinder Conservative 244
GILCHRIST, Caroline Labour 117
WILTSHIRE, Patricia Ashtead Independent 836 (Elected)
McDONALD, Steve Green Party 31
VYVYAN-ROBINSON, Keira Rowena Liberal Democrat 172
Rejected ballot papers 4
Turnout 43.3%

Ashtead Park

Candidate Party Votes
GILCHRIST, Susan Labour 47
KEUN, Hector Charles Liberal Democrat 70
MCGRATH, Susan Green Party 49
ST JOHN, Linda Bryett Conservative 391
STANSFIELD, Garry Andrew GrahamAshtead Independent875 (Elected)
Rejected ballot papers 3
Turnout 40.8%

Ashtead Village

Candidate Party Votes
ANTONELLI, Rita Liberal Democrat 141
BARFORD, Lucy Jane Green Party 59
REILLY, Alan Victor Ashtead Independent 1232 (Elected)
REYNOLDS, Fiona Conservative 413
SCOTT, Clive George Labour 115
Rejected ballot papers 3
Turnout 41.9%

Bookham North

Candidate Party Votes
JAMES, Ann Green Party 118
JONES, Bert Labour 105
MOYSE, Richard James Conservative 1108 (Elected)
PYATT, Fran Liberal Democrat 868
Rejected ballot papers 7
Turnout 47.3%

Bookham South

Candidate Party Votes
DALY, Elizabeth Liberal Democrat 1179 (Elected)
EDGLEY, Colin Labour 69
MCDEVITT, Damian Michael Green Party 80
PATEL, Jatin Ratilal Conservative 835
Rejected ballot papers 3
Turnout 48.5%

Brockham, Betchworth and Buckland

Candidate Party Votes
ABBOTT, Roger Liberal Democrat 661
BUCKLE, Rosemary Joan Labour 79
BUDD, Simon Robert Conservative 1063 (Elected)
EDWARDS, Harry William Democrats and Veterans Party 26
EVERETT, Julian James Green Party 73
Rejected ballot papers 3
Turnout 53.2%

Capel, Leigh and Newdigate

Candidate Party Votes
BUSHNELL, Lesley Jean Liberal Democrat 685
COX, Geoff UKIP 65
DIX, Charlotte Joy Labour 48
HUGGINS, MaryConservative736 (Elected)
PASSMORE, Muriel LilyGreen Party45
Rejected ballot papers 1
Turnout 45.7%

Dorking North

Candidate Party Votes
BEASLEY, Dean AlbertConservative247
DRAPER, David John Liberal Democrat 986 (Elected)
FEWSTER, Jacquetta Jane Green Party 114
PAYNE, David Gordon UKIP 31
STRINGER, James Ruscombe Labour 105
Rejected ballot papers 3
Turnout 44.5%

Dorking South

Candidate Party Votes
COOKSEY, Margaret Anne Liberal Democrat 1385 (Elected)
CROOK, Chris Green Party 142
DIXON, Marjorie Joan UKIP 61
JONES, Roger Edwin Riseley Conservative 634
PEMBERTON, Frank Frederick Labour 203
Rejected ballot papers 2
Turnout 42.2%

Fetcham East

Candidate Party Votes
ANDERSON, Ian Patrick Liberal Democrat 398
CLARK, Ann Labour 81
KEELEY, Tracy Lorraine Conservative 885 (Elected)
SUGGETT, Eugene Arthur Michael Green Party 41
Rejected ballot papers 2
Turnout 45.2%

Fetcham West

Candidate Party Votes
BROOM, Hugh John Vincent Conservative 444
COOTE, Mark Labour 59
ESSEX, Richard Green Party 58
HAQUE, Raj Liberal Democrat 1016 (Elected)
Rejected ballot papers 6
Turnout 49.4%


Candidate Party Votes
CURRAN, Margaret Mary UKIP 83
MEADOWS, Fiona Gail Conservative 595
NASSKAU, Laurence Paul Labour 133
WELLMAN, Clayton John Liberal Democrat 871 (Elected)
ZIE, Jeff Green Party 93
Rejected ballot papers 0
Turnout 36.4%

Leatherhead North

Candidate Party Votes
CUSSELL, Emma LouiseLiberal Democrat729 (Elected)
ELCOATE, Vicki Green Party 65
GREEN, Marc Labour 275
MOSS, Simon Timothy Ambrose Conservative 598
Rejected ballot papers 8
Turnout 33.7%

Leatherhead South

Candidate Party Votes
ASHTON, Tim Conservative 845 (Elected)
COOTE, Kim Labour 162
HARTWELL, Gareth Gerard 243
SCOFFIELD, David James Green Party 126
Rejected ballot papers 4
Turnout 39.2%

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