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Call for Greenfield Sites in Mole Valley

Mole Valley District Council is inviting landowners to suggest greenfield sites that are available for development. Landowners have until Monday 5 February 2018 to submit sites.

The Future Mole Valley Local Plan is progressing and one of the next stage is to ask landowners to suggest greenfield sites for Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) to consider for potential development. This follows on from a similar exercise conducted in 2016, when MVDC asked landowners to put forward brownfield sites for consideration.

Because MVDC is committed to safeguarding the Green Belt, brownfield sites will continue to be prioritised when considering future development. If MVDC is to address where more homes could be provided in the District and how to alleviate pressure on housing however, additional land will need to be considered. Because the District is 75 per cent green belt, it may not be possible to meet the objectively assessed need for homes in Mole Valley without examining some greenfield options.

Landowners therefore now have the opportunity to step forward and suggest where future development could be introduced in Mole Valley. Members will then have the opportunity to consider which of those submitted sites might be appropriate. More information about the type of greenfield site required and a form to submit details of the sites put forward, is available by visiting      

Councillor Duncan Irvine, MVDC's Executive Member for Planning, said: "Future Mole Valley is a complex jigsaw, with a number of moving pieces, none of which can be considered in isolation. But one of the most fundamental questions which we have to ask is: "what land have we actually got in the District?", and this next stage will help us build that picture. We are determined to make a Local Plan which is in the best all-round interests of Mole Valley. That means grappling with difficult questions such as greenfield development. Our residents would expect nothing less of us."

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