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Footpath and Sluice Gate Adjacent to Pippbrook Mill Dorking

Councillor Charles Yarwood, Deputy Leader of Mole Valley District Council said: "Following Wednesday night's invaluable meeting with residents regarding the footpath and sluice gate adjacent to Pippbrook Mill, and in line with our own research, we have concluded that we will not proceed with the sale of that particular piece of land and can confirm the piece of land in question will remain under our ownership.

"We would like to thank all the residents who attended the meeting and submitted their views to us in other ways. Both the Deputy CEO and I were particularly struck by the residents who spoke about multiple issues concerning this site, with authority and first hand factual knowledge, having lived there for decades in some cases.

"Originally this was correctly seen as a financially minor matter for Officers to decide upon. During the meeting it was decided that given the level of public concern, it should be a decision taken by elected Members. By the end of the meeting our minds were clear that the sale should not continue. I discussed this with my fellow Executive colleagues the following evening and they were in full agreement."

"It has been a pleasure to have been able to act so fast and so decisively in line with residents' genuine and valid concerns."

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