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Land Behind Tesco's in North Leatherhead and the Royal Oak Site - Update 4 January 2018

I am pleased to confirm that I have arranged the public meeting for 7pm Monday 15 January 2018 at North Leatherhead Community Centre, I do hope you can make it.

While I imagine most of the meeting will be taken up with the issues surrounding the demolition of the Royal Oak Public House, I have been asked if we could provide an update and an opportunity for questions in relation to the land behind Tesco's and can confirm that we are happy to do that.

We will publicise the meeting in a variety of ways but would be very grateful if you could assist us with this process to ensure that everyone that would like to come is notified.

We are currently working on a poster and will send copies of this through to you early next week so you can display it if you so wish. 

We will be posting details of this meeting out on social media and encourage you to share our post widely, it will appear on our Facebook page and on Twitter.

I look forward to meeting you on the 15th.

Best wishes

Karen Brimacombe
Chief Executive

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