SCC Consultation: Pay and Conserve

Surrey residents are being asked to share their views on ways to make the county's countryside financially self-sufficient.

Continued Government funding cuts, rising costs and increasing demands on services, means that Surrey County Council's need to find savings has reached unprecedented levels and some of these savings need to come from the countryside budget. Without funding, the countryside would become inaccessible, overgrown and littered.

SCC: Pay and Conserve
SCC: Pay and Conserve
SCC: Pay and Conserve

One way of ensuring the countryside remains a place residents can use and enjoy, is introducing charges at car parks. This income would generate a revenue that would cover the cost of regular rubbish collection, cutting trees and bushes, and infrastructure repairs or improvements. It would also support the safeguarding of sensitive habitats and species, enhance biodiversity and the landscape and support recreation, health and wellbeing both now and in the future.

Surrey County Council's Cabinet Member for the Environment Mike Goodman said: "This consultation is a vital part of our plans to preserve and improve Surrey's beautiful countryside for years to come.

"Charging at our car parks could form part of that with those benefiting most contributing more so everyone can still enjoy the wonderful Surrey countryside we all value. The money raised would be ring-fenced to maintain and improve our countryside."

A consultation focused on car parks in Chobham, Wisley, Ockham, Whitmoor and Rodborough Commons and Norbury Park began this week and runs until 6 November.

Surrey residents can have their say by visiting or call 0300 200 1003 for a hard copy of the survey.

Last Updated: 10/10/2017

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