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Competition - My Brilliant Career

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This year Arts Alive will have a writing competition for young people. If you are a student in Year 10 or 11 at a Mole Valley school (state or private) then this is for YOU. The piece you write should be called 'My Brilliant Career' and must be no more than 800 words long. And it MUST be by you, without help from anybody else.

What's it about? You may imagine for writing this, that in some years' time you have worked your way to achieving your ideal career, and have perhaps become quite famous - maybe in music or writing or medicine or even politics - whatever your chosen ambition in life. Using your imagination, tell your readers how you got there and what it's like to be so well known.

The prizes are given by Bartons Bookshop in Leatherhead. The first prize is £50 of book vouchers and the second prize is £25 of vouchers. Prizes will be presented by the proprietor of the bookshop in early November - time and place to be arranged, but if you win we'll contact you!

To enter, please submit this application with your personal details and story. Please note that you cannot save this application form as a draft, therefore any drafts should be written on Word or other documents.

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