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Dorking's 24 'Free for 30 Minute' Parking Spaces Launched!

Shoppers in Dorking from 3rd July will benefit from 24 'Free for 30 Minute' parking spaces allowing them to 'pop and shop' at no cost.

The spaces, spread throughout Dorking Town Centre are located as follows:

• 4 spaces in Reigate Road car park (near Medwyn Centre)

• 5 spaces in High Street (Wathen Road) car park

• 7 spaces in Southside car park

• 3 spaces in West Street car park

• 2 spaces in South Street car park

• 3 spaces in St Martin's Walk car park

The selected bays are marked out in green, clearly signposted as 'free for 30 minutes' and require a special 30 minute ticket to be displayed.They will be patrolled regularly to reduce overstaying.

Councillor David Mir, Executive Member for Environment and Parking said, "Following an extensive review of parking with local residents, community representatives and the business community during 2016 we committed to providing these spaces and are delighted they are now available for use.

"There has been much support for 'free for 30 minute' parking bays to enable people to pick up prescriptions, pop into a bank or pick up a couple of items from a shop. Our own extensive analysis of the parking structure within the town has supported this.

"We have also made changes to North Street and West Street car parks. These are both now short stay car parks with a maximum stay of 3 hours. The exception to this is that North Street residents will still be able to park in the North Street car park on a long stay basis.

"We are committed to boosting the prosperity of both our town centres and rural economies and welcome feedback from all residents and the business community."

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