Future Mole Valley

Mole Valley District Council is about to start work on its next Local Plan, 'Future Mole Valley'. The project will set out plans for land use in the District for the next 15 years; it will include targets for delivering new development as well as setting out those areas which will continue to be protected.

The consultation is now closed.

The consultation considered two main themes: making the best use of brownfield land, and the potential release of greenfield land.

The consultation ran from 1 July - 1 September 2017, full details can be found at www.futuremolevalley.org

Evidence Documents

The first stage in preparing a local plan has been the production of a number of evidence documents, which together provide forecasts of future demand for development in the district over the next fifteen years (2018 - 2033), and assessments of the likely supply or capacity for development over the same plan period.

These documents will form part of our Regulation 18 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning)(England) Regulations 2012 consultation.

The evidence documents are set out below, see 'Downloads'.

Last Updated: 04/09/2017

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