April 2017

Spring has finally arrived and Easter is on the horizon! I am sure I am not the only one who took great pleasure in putting the clocks forward in March in anticipation of lighter evenings. Not only do we get to embrace longer evenings, but we witness our beautiful district coming alive around us. Buds appear on the trees and daffodils bring a vibrant colour back to Mole Valley after the autumn and winter months. We all hope of course that spring/summer will be kind, and there will be plenty of sunny days with long, relaxing evenings.

I have set myself the goal to take advantage of the (hopefully) good weather to get out in the fresh air and blow away those winter cobwebs. There is so much available locally that can inspire everyone to get active, and we offer plenty to help you push yourself and keep up that commitment. Our Walk For Health summer timetable is out now. Taking part in the guided walks at a variety of locations is the perfect way to keep yourself active, or use it as a way to gently ease yourself back into more strenuous physical activity. I have just had a knee operation and will certainly be taking advantage of this to kick-start my training. Our Deepdene Trail also provides the perfect place for a peaceful walk, all the while losing yourself in the beautiful surroundings of the restored features of the Thomas Hope Estate. One such spectacular feature is the Hope Mausoleum, the restoration of which received a 'Highly Commended' award at the Surrey Heritage Awards at the end of March. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events at the Deepdene Trail, including the Easter Egg Adventure running over the Easter weekend later this month.

The outdoor fitness equipment installed towards the back end of last year in Meadowbank in Dorking provides the perfect opportunity to get out and get active. The views of the rest of the park and watching the exciting progress being made on the community-based sports facility opening later this year provides truly the perfect backdrop to your routine. I hope Meadowbank will become a destination for both local residents and visitors from outside the district. People can come to the park for the day and also take advantage of the town's shops and restaurants, which are but a stone's throw away.

Next month will see polling stations across the district open on Thursday 4th May. Although it is not a district council election this year, it is vitally important that you have your say about which Councillors represent the six divisions of Mole Valley, as part of the Surrey County Council elections. If you are a Bookham resident, you will also have the opportunity on 4th May to vote in a poll which will help decide whether a parish council should be established in the village. If you have not registered yet you have until Thursday 13 April to do so (if you plan to vote in person on the day). Registering to vote is very straightforward, visit www.gov.uk/registertovote.

Yvonne Rees
Chief Executive

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