Business Improvement District (BID)

A ballot, involving eligible businesses, to decide whether Dorking introduces a Business Improvement District (BID) is taking place.

The ballot is a postal ballot and all ballot papers must be returned by 5pm on 27th April 2017. This page is designed to provide interested parties with additional information about BIDs, in general, and the Dorking BID, in particular.

What is a BID?

A BID is a way for eligible businesses in a defined area to come together and collectively invest in the future of the BID area.

All BIDs are subject to and must comply with the relevant legislation as set out in Part 4 of the Local Government Act 2003 ("the 2003 Act") and the Business Improvement District (England) Regulations 2004 ("the Regulations"). It is strongly recommended that if you are interested in BIDs then you should consult the 2003 Act and the Regulations.

Further information on BIDs, generally, including circumstances in which the result of the ballot can be challenged, can be found on

Business Improvement District (BID) for Dorking

Dorking Town Partnership Limited ("Dorking Town Partnership") is the relevant BID Proposer for the Dorking BID. Dorking Town Partnership is working with a specialist consultant to develop the BID for Dorking.

The geographical area of the Dorking BID is shown edged in brown below:

Bid Map

Please click on this link for an enlarged Map of geographical area of the Dorking BID

If the Dorking BID ballot is successful, then Dorking Town Partnership would become the BID Body (i.e. responsible for the implementation of its arrangements, as set out in its Proposal and Business Plan).

The BID Levy in the event of a successful ballot would be a 2% payment, based on the rateable value of the property and payable on top of the non domestic rates bill, for all relevant business properties in the Dorking BID Area. Full details of the exceptions to the obligation to pay the levy, for example in respect of businesses which have a rateable value of less than £8,000 pa are set out in Dorking Town Partnership's proposals. The levy would be paid for each "chargeable period" during the term of the Dorking BID. The proposed term for the Dorking BID is four years and nine months.

For further information on the Dorking BID Ballot please see BID Notice of Ballot

Further information on the Dorking BID, including information on who is eligible to vote, who will be liable for any BID levy if the ballot is successful, and what projects Dorking Town Partnership are committing to, can be found on the Dorking Town Partnership website:

Regulation 11 document listing non-domestic ratepayers within the Dorking BID Geographical Area

A document listing (i) all current non- domestic ratepayers, (ii) the relevant business addresses, and (iii) the rateable value of the relevant properties within the Dorking BID geographical area (ascertained from MVDC's non domestic billing records - "the Dorking BID Ratepayers List") is available to view, by appointment, in the MVDC offices at Pippbrook Reception during normal office hours (8.30am and 5.00pm, Monday - Friday).

If you wish to view this list, then please make an appointment by calling 01306 879287 and asking to speak with one of Mole Valley District Council's Economic Development Team, or e-mail

Canvassing persons entitled to vote in the BID Ballot

Any person who, or any persons which represent 5 percent or more of the persons who are to be liable for the proposed BID levy can, subject to satisfying certain criteria (see below), request the Dorking BID Ratepayers List. This will then be provided in data form, for the purpose of canvassing.

If you wish to obtain such a list in data form, for canvassing purposes, then you first need to provide the following:

· The request will need to be made in writing (including email). Please address your request to Robert Jolley, Economic Development Manager, Mole Valley District Council, Pippbrook, Dorking, RH4 1SJ,

· You will need to indicate that the matter is in relation to the Dorking BID ballot.

· You will also need to confirm that the information requested will only be used by you (or the group making the request) for the purposes of canvassing persons entitled to vote in the BID ballot.

· You should provide evidence showing how you represent 5% or more of the persons who are liable for any proposed BID levy. A petition type form including the name of the eligible ratepayer, the address and rateable value of their property, and their signature (including the position held if the person signing is not a sole trader ratepayer) will be acceptable for this purpose.

Please note that this information must not be disclosed to anyone else or used for any other purpose than the one stated in your request.

Please click on the link below for further information on data protection issues relating to the Dorking BID including (i) a Privacy Notice, (ii) Notice of a Data Protection Breach, and, following the voluntary self reporting of the breach (iii) the result of the Information Commissioner's investigation into it.

Data Protection issues relating to the Dorking Business Improvement District Proposal

Date: 20 March 2017

Last Updated: 12/09/2017

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