Public Spaces Protection Orders

Public spaces protection orders (PSPOs) are intended to deal with a particular nuisance or problem, in a specific area, that is detrimental to the local community's quality of life.

It does so by imposing conditions on the use of that area which apply to everyone. PSPOs impose conditions or restrictions on people using that area to deal with particular issues such as the consumption of alcohol in a defined area.

They are designed to ensure the law-abiding majority can use and enjoy public spaces, safe from anti-social behaviour. Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) can make a PSPO if it believes the activities are detrimental to the local community's life.

Kingston Road Recreation Ground, Leatherhead

MVDC, in partnership with the Police, introduced the first PSPO in the District at Kingston Road Recreation Ground on Friday 24 February 2017. This is in response to overwhelming support from the local community in a public consultation, which ran for 6 weeks from December to mid-January. Close to 200 local residents completed the consultation, with 95% agreeing it would be a good idea for a PSPO to be introduced.

The consultation was carried out with local residents to determine the level of support within the community for a PSPO to be introduced. This came after residents and partners had noticed an increase in anti-social drinking at the recreation ground.

The introduction of a PSPO means that anyone caught drinking alcohol or using illegal substances in the area covered by the PSPO, including the North Leatherhead Community Centre (shown in the map below), risks being prosecuted. The PSPO will be enforced through a combination of CCTV monitoring, Council enforcement and Police patrols.

For more information about PSPOs, please call the Partnerships team on 01306 885001 or email


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