Accessing The Trail

There are many paths to explore on The Trail, perfect for a short walk or a grand adventure. Our three recommended routes range in distance from a 1 mile explore to a 9 mile adventure and are shown colour coded on the Map of the Trail.

If you would like to book a tour of The Trail with a guide then this can be arranged through the volunteers at Dorking Museum.  Please contact the Museum directly to find out what you will see on the tour and to arrange this.

For more details our Access Statement can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. This statement aims to describe the conditions, facilities and services on The Deepdene Trail routes for all our visitors to help them make the best of their visit.

As with many sites of this nature, the natural topography and historic significance of the landscape restricts the degree to which we can alter elements of the site, for example the degree to which we can smooth out slope gradients.

The Deepdene Trail has some challenging parts with some steep, uneven slopes and many areas of unmade paths. We are working hard over the course of this two year project to provide the highest level of access possible within those natural topography and existing landscape restrictions.

We also have some top tips for parents, to help little ones explore the Trail safely below.