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Transparency Information

Local councils must publish certain information set out in the Local Government Transparency Code.

Unless otherwise stated this information is published annually by the 30 April. A number of Mole Valley data sets in reusable CSV format can be found on

Anyone can share, publish or edit this data, for personal or commercial use, though you must adhere to the Open Government Licence for public sector information.  If you develop an application for use by a wider audience, please ensure you follow the code of conduct.

The data can also be used with any Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 licensed material.

Spending and procurement

Mole Valley District Council does not possess a Government Procurement card and so does not publish any information under this requirement.

Land and social housing asset and parking information

Mole Valley District Council does not hold any social housing assets and does not have a parking account so does not publish any information under these requirements.

Organisational information

Links to other data

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