The Deepdene Estate has a fascinating history stretching far into the past but in the last 50 years its impact has almost been forgotten. The Trail focusses on Thomas Hope's amazing influence on the Deepdene Estate but also encompasses the tale of this changing landscape over time. As part of understanding the story of the Deepdene we aim to gather stories and memories about the Deepdene Estate. These memories will form part of our records and interpretation of the ever-changing life of this great landscape.

Call for Memories

We would like to hear from anyone who can tell us about the Deepdene Estate as it once was! You may recall the days of the magnificent Deepdene House as a hotel, or have stories you have heard locally to pass on to us. Whatever your story we'd like to hear from you. You can email us a few thoughts, give us a ring for a quick chat or even arrange to speak to one of our volunteers who are looking for locals interested in taking part in our Oral History project with Dorking Museum. Stories about the Deepdene will be recorded for future generations and for display here on our website and at local events.

Get in touch to find out more at: or 01306 885001

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