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North Leatherhead Community Centre

On the morning of Sunday 10 January 2016, Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) took the decision to end the lease of the North Leatherhead Community Centre, to prevent the building falling into further disrepair and because rent payments have not been received.

What does this mean?

North Leatherhead Community Centre
North Leatherhead Community Centre
North Leatherhead Community Centre

Future use of the centre will need to be agreed following discussions with MVDC, the new committee and the local community in the short-term. MVDC is committed to keeping disruption to you all to a minimum.

With assurances having been made that the building is safe, the local community can continue to use the main hall in the building.

The bar facilities will no longer be available because of ongoing concerns over future running costs and MVDC not providing a facility for subsidised alcohol at the taxpayers expense. Other uses are being considered for the bar facilities once immediate repairs have been carried out. ( Please note: the bar is open for business and membership can be obtained from bar staff and the hall is available for hire)

A new committee made up of representatives from the North Leatherhead community and an officer from MVDC will be given responsibility for the day-to-day running of the centre and will work closely with MVDC and you all to agree the best long-term future for the building.

Why have these steps been taken?

Your safety is at the centre of the Council's decision to take the steps it has. In recent years the building has fallen into very poor condition and the decision was taken that this could not be allowed to continue.

Rental payments have not been received by MVDC in recent times.

A new committee, with a renewed vision and ambition, will work with you and MVDC to agree the best long-term future for the building.

How will this benefit you and what does the future hold?

The new committee will work closely with you to agree a strategy which will result in facilities that are safe, in good condition and fit for purpose for the benefit of the wider local community.

The New Committee

  • Dave Banko
  • Lucy Townsend
  • Rebekka Tribe
  • Caroline McDonough
  • Derrick Summerfield
  • Jane Summerfield
  • Karen Holdsworth-Cannon (Surrey County Council Community Buildings Advisor)

Booking Enquiries

For all current and future booking enquiries, please email

How can I keep up to date with future plans and decisions?

The new committee will be arranging future meetings with users and the local community on agreed dates and times to work with you all to agree the best long-term future for the building.

You can sign up to an email distribution list to ask questions and receive the latest news about the centre. Simply email

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