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Bins - What goes in them?

Information on what you can and cannot put into your general waste and recycling bins.

Want to know which bin to put something in or where to take it? Use the search below to find out.

Recycling Bin

When putting items into your recycling bin, please ensure they are clean and preferably dry. Items can either be placed in loose or bagged in a clear recycling sack.

Extra recycling will be collected on your recycling collection day as long as it is securely bagged in a clear recycling sack and placed next to your bin. Recycling presented in black sacks or carrier bags will not be accepted. Please ensure that any extra recycling is dry, Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) is unable to accept wet material.

Cardboard Please flatten large boxes and cardboard to make sure they can fit into the recycling bin with the lid closed. If you have more than will fit in your recycling bin, put it into a clear bag, not a black or coloured bag, to keep it dry and leave next to the recycling bin. Put cardboard stained/dirty with foodstuffs, grease, paint or dirt in your rubbish bin, these cannot be recycled. Remove all plastic inserts and polystyrene, as well as packing tape from online delivery boxes and cardboard envelopes and put them in your general rubbish bin.

Clear recycling sacks can be collected from the Pippbrook offices in Dorking, or from the Leatherhead Help Shop. Clear recycling sacks are also available from all supermarkets.

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  • glass bottles and jars
  • paper and cardboard - all types of cereal boxes, clean dry cardboard, catalogues, junk mail (please remove all plastic wrapping), magazines, newspaper, telephone directories and shredded paper (this should be contained in a clear recycling sack, envelope or cereal box).
  • all plastic bottles (e.g. detergent bottles, fizzy drink and water bottles, milk bottles, shampoo and other bathroom product bottles) and food tubs, pots and trays. Please empty items of their contents and rinse before placing in the bin
  • metals/foil - aluminium and steel food and drinks cans, as well as all clean aluminium foil. If possible, please remove labels.

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If you are unsure about how to recycle a particular item, please call 01306 885001.

Refuse Bin

This bin is for your general waste, the contents of which are taken for landfill. You can dispose of all general waste that you generate within your household which is not recycling, garden waste or food waste in this bin.

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Food waste

Food waste is collected every week in Mole Valley at the same time as your waste or recycling collections.


In Mole Valley you can recycle a range of textiles using our free kerbside collection.

Electrical items

MVDC also has a weekly kerbside collection service for small electrical items.

Garden Waste

MVDC runs a fortnightly garden waste collection service which offers residents an easy and convenient way to recycle all year round.

Bulky Waste

MVDC offers a bulky waste collection service for bulky household items, rubble and plasterboard.

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