Environmental Health Fees and Charges

The fees and charges for those services provided by the Environmental Health department are reviewed each year and are agreed by councillors. Some of the charges are set by statute and others are determined locally.

Fees and Charges for 2018/2019 are listed below. If you have any queries about these fees and charges, please email env.health@molevalley.gov.uk.

Environmental Health

(L) = Licence, (R) = Registration

Scrap Metal Dealers (L)
Site - three years (new and renew)£474
Site - variation£237
Collector - three years£237
Collector - variation£237
Skin Piercing (R)
Skin piercing - premises£79
Skin piercing - person£61

Street Trading

Street Trading consents (per pitch, one day a week, p.a)£658
Animal Welfare
Selling Animals as Pets£214.06
Providing Boarding for Cats£214.06
Providing Boarding for Dogs£214.06
Providing Home Boarding for Dogs£205.06
Providing Day Care for Dogs£205.06
Hiring out Horses£214.06
Breeding Dogs£214.06
Keeping or Training Animals for Exhibition£214.06
Dangerous wild animals (vet fees payable in addition)£110
Zoo - four years (vet fees payable in addition) (L)£480
Hackney Carriages and Private Hire Vehicles
Hackney carriage vehicles - new and renewal (includes internal plate)£378
Private hire vehicle - metered (new and renewal)£378
Private hire vehicle - non metered (new and renewal)£341
Private hire operator (5 years)£400
Combined HC/PHV driver (new and renewal)£94
Transfer - vehicle to vehicle£154
Transfer - no vehicle test required£84
Replacement vehicle plate (includes assembly cost)£18
Replacement internal licence fee£13
Replacement drivers' badge£13
Disclosure and Barring Certificate fee - at cost£57
DVLA fee - at cost


Missed Appointment Fee£22.50
Drivers Pack£10

Stray Dog Fee (per Dog)

Return of stray dog £100 + any Kennel fees incurred

Premises Fees for Gambling Act 2005

Premises TypeNew ApplicationAnnual FeeApplication to VaryApplication to TransferApplication for Re-InstatementApplication for Provisional StatementLicence Application (provisional statement holders)Copy licenceNotification of Change
Bingo Club£2589 (£3500)£988(£1000)£1750 (1750)£988 (£1200)£988 (£1200)£3362 (£3500)£988 (£1200)£25 (£25)£50 (£50)
Betting Premises (excluding tracks)£2589 (£3000)£600 (£600)£1447 (1500)£1144 (£1200)£1144 (£1200)£2590(£3000)£1144 (£1200)£25 (£25)£50 (£50)
Tracks£2500 (£2500)£964 (£1000)£1250 (£1250)£768 (£950)£768 (£950)£2500 (£2500)£768 (£950)£25 (£25)£50 (£50)
Family Entertainment Centres£1973 (£2000)£658 (£750)£920 (£1000)£787 (£950)£950 (£950)£1644 (£2000)£787 (£950)£25 (£25)£50 (£50)
Adult Gaming Centre£1973 (£2000)£658 (£750)£920(£1000)£988 (£1200)£988 (£1200)£1973 (£2000)£988 (£1200)£25 (£25)£50 (£50)

Figures in Parenthesis ( ) = DCMS maximum fees

Permit Fees for Gambling Act 2005

Type of PermitConversion of Existing Sec34 PermitNew
New (fast-track) Clubs OnlyAnnual
Vary PermitRenewTransferChange NameCopy of PermitNotification
Licensed Premises Gaming Machine (two or more) £100£150£50 (no annual fee for two or less)£100£25£15(two or less) £50
Club Gaming£100£200£100
Club Machine £100£200£100£50£100£200£15
Prize Gaming £100£300£300£25£15
Unlicensed Family Entertainment Centre£100£300£300£25£15

Licensing Act 2003 Fees

Premises and club application fees

Each premises that is licensable will be allocated to a fee band according to rateable value (shown below).

Rateable ValueBand
No rateable value to £4300A
£4301 - £33000B
£33001 - £87000C
£87001 - £125000D
£125001 and aboveE

Each band attracts a different level of application fee, payable during transition. Please see below.


A multiplier applied to premises in bands D and E, where they are exclusively or primarily in the business or selling alcohol (mainly large town and city centre pubs) is calculated below.

D (x2)
E (x3)
City/town centre pub application fee£900£1905
City/town centre pub annual charge£640£1050

An annual fee is payable one year after the grant of the licence, fees are as follows:


Premises applying to very conditions in relation to the sale of alcohol during transition will be charged a supplementary fee, according to the fee band. These are shown below.


Additional charge for exceptionally large events

Number in attendance at any one timeAdditional Premises licence feeAdditional annual fee payable
5000 to 9999£1000£500
10000 to 14999£2000£1000
15000 to 19999£4000£2000
20000 to 29999£8000£4000
30000 to 39999£16000£8000
40000 to 49999£24000£12000
50000 to 59999£32000£16000
60000 to 69999£40000£20000
70000 to 79999£48000£24000
80000 to 89999£56000£28000
90000 and over£64000£32000

Personal Licences, Temporary events and other fees

Application for a grant or renewal of a personal licence£37
Temporary event notice£21
Theft etc of premises licence or summary£10.50
Application for a provisional statement (where premises is being built etc)£315
Notification of change of name and address£10.50
Application to vary licence to specify individual as premises supervisor£23
Application for transfer of premises licence£23
Interim authority notice following death etc. of licence holder£23
Application to include alternative licence condition (s41D)£23
Theft, loss etc. certificate or summary£10.50
Notification of change of name or alteration of rules of club£10.50
Change of relevant registered address of club£10.50
Theft, loss etc. of temporary event notice£10.50
Theft, loss etc. of personal licence£10.50
Duty to notify change of name or address£10.50
Right of freeholder etc. to be notified of licensing matters£21
Application for a Minor Variation to Premises Licence (s41A & s86A)£89

MVDC will also be able to charge other fees in relation to their duties, most notably for temporary events and personal licences.

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