Environmental Permits

Local authorities are required to regulate certain types of industries to reduce pollution and in particular, improve air quality.

Mole Valley District Council (MVDC)'s role is to issue permits which set controls and emission standards to minimise pollution from certain industrial activities. Activities that require a permit can be found in Part 2 of Schedule 1 of the Environmental Permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2010.

Once a permit has been issued, MVDC routinely inspect the activity. Those with a higher pollution potential are inspected more often.

Activities requiring an environmental permit

There are three different parts for permits; Part A1, Part A2 and Part B.

Part A1 installations are regulated by the Environment Agency while Part A2 and Part B activities are regulated by the local council.

The following activities require a permit:

  • an installation carrying out the activities listed in Schedule 1 of the 'Environmental Permitting Regulations 2010'
  • activities in energy, metals, minerals, chemicals and waste 
  • a waste operation. This includes the disposal or recovery of waste which is not exempt under the EP Regulations
  • a mobile plant carrying out one of the above activities or waste operations

Permits and fees

Operators must obtain a permit to operate. A fee is involved when applying for a permit. For more details contact Environmental Health on 01306 885001, or visit the DEFRA website.


The General Guidance Manual (GGM) gives guidance on the policy and permitting procedures for activities subject to LA-IPPC and Local Authority Pollution Prevention and Control. It aims to inform firms undertaking or planning to undertake relevant activities on their legal obligations. It is designed also to be useful to members of the public who are interested in pollution control.

For more information visit the DEFRA website.

Guidance notes for local authority regulated industrial activities

Process and sector guidance notes are specific to particular industrial sectors. Process guidance notes (PG notes) involve only Part B activities, whereas the Sector guidance notes (SG notes) involve only Part A2 activities. For more information visit the DEFRA website.

Applying for an environmental permit

Part A2 and Part B installation application forms are available (see 'Downloads') or email pollution@molevalley.gov.uk, or call 01306 885001.

Last Updated: 21/01/2019

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