Dog Fouling

There's no such thing as "The Dog Poo Fairy".

Dog fouling and the law

Did you know that it is an offence to allow your dog to foul on public land? The maximum fine for failing to clear up after your dog is £1,000. Not only is it against the law and anti-social, but it can be a danger to public health. Dog waste can contain the roundworm Toxocara which can result in a serious infection lasting between six and 12 months. The infection, Toxocariasis, most commonly affects children between the ages of 18 months and five years.

Where the law applies

  • footpaths, grass verges, parking areas or hard surfaced areas alongside or on the carriage way of a road. You must pick up on the actual road if the speed limit is 40mph or less.
  • all public footpaths
  • all private roads and footpaths
  • all recreation grounds and open spaces
  • all roads and footpaths on housing estates provided by the local authority
  • all pedestrianised areas in towns and village centres
  • all public car parks

Reasons not to pick up such as "I've forgotten my poo bags" or "It's natural fertiliser for the soil" are not valid excuses.

Be prepared

As a dog owner it is your responsibility to clear up after your dog. You need to be prepared at all times and take poo bags or nappy sacks with you to remove your dog's waste. Picking up dog waste is not dangerous to health if done correctly. Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) provides specialist dog waste bins across the district. Although, you can also use a normal rubbish bin provided the waste is bagged. If there is no waste bin nearby then carry your dog's waste home and dispose of it in your own black bin.

Green Dog Walker Scheme

The Green Dog Walker scheme promotes responsible dog ownership and helps to combat dog fouling in Mole Valley. As part of our #cleanMV campaign, this scheme aims to shift attitudes so it becomes socially unacceptable to leave dog fouling about.

Report an Instance of Dog Fouling ›

In order to investigate or prosecute the Council would need the address of the person causing the fouling. If this is not possible then Mole Valley District Council would need details such as a description of the dog and owner with a regular time and place where the fouling is committed.  

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Last Updated: 08/10/2019

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