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Pre-Application Advice

Mole Valley District Council's (MVDC) pre-application advice service has many benefits, and can often lead to the easier progression of applications through the subsequent planning process.

Please note that the Householder Pre-Application Service is suspended until further notice.

New Development in the Green Belt

MVDC often gets calls from customers who are being offered the 'chance' to buy a piece of land within the Green Belt, with a view to building a new dwelling.  Please be aware that the development of new dwellings within the Green Belt is contrary to national and local planning policies, and will not be granted planning permission.

MVDC Charges

MVDC charges for formal advice in relation to developments such as new houses, commercial development, change of use, shop fronts and advertisements.

Full details of the process, relevant pre-application advice fees, and fee exemptions, can be found in the 'Pre-application advice and charges' documents (see 'Downloads').

Surrey County Council

Surrey County Council provide pre-application advice on Transport Development Planning Matters and relevant charges (see 'Internet Links').

Environment Agency

The Environment Agency can provide relevant advice relating to a proposed development or change of use. More information, and an enquiry form, can be found by following the Environment Agency Pre-Application Enquiry Form link (see 'Internet links').

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