Love Me Slender by Vanessa Brooks

Date: 11 July 2018
Time: 19:30 - 22:30
Location: The Nomad Theatre, Bishopsmead Parade, East Horsley, Leatherhead, Surrey KT24 6RT
Ticket Price: Adults £14, students £10
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Further Information: Love Me Slender By Vanessa Brooks Directed by Andrew Hamel-Cooke Tuesday 10 - Saturday 14 July at 7.30pm A perceptive and comedic look at a modern issue… Siobhan, the ‘Achiever of the Year’ inspires her hopeful new recruits in the Slim For Life dieting club. Siobhan has lost seven stone, found a new self, a fulfilling job and a wonderful husband. Now, she encourages others to achieve the same. These are seven very contrasting women – Siobhan, the leader of the group and a total control freak, who struts around the stage in her ‘Achiever of the Year’ banner and her ever faithful Kelly, quiet and deep and heading for disaster from the moment the play opens. Claudette the Liverpudlian, with an obsession for food, attractive, confident and loud, who is the exact opposite of Rosie, the dowdy and lank-haired loser. There is Lucinda, who feels far more at home with a large gin and tonic, is sophisticated , smart and could organise any office in the city. Celia is a jolly hockey sticks lady and everybody’s friend with a perfect marriage, or so we are lead to believe, initially, and Jean who is being ripped off by Siobhan and cannot afford to be. The cast Siobhan – Moyra Brookes Claudette – Cheryl Chamberlain Rosie – Laura Spalding Lucinda – Sarah Gage Celia – Susan Montazagge Jean – Nikky Kirkup Kelly – Emily Ingold

Contact Details: 01483 284747
Organisation Name: The Nomads

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