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Leatherhead Town Centre Improvements

Mole Valley District Council (MVDC) and Surrey County Council are considering a range of projects that would benefit Leatherhead town centre.

Transform Leatherhead includes plans to upgrade the public realm in Leatherhead Town Centre. A project to enhance Church Street has been completed. This project was based on certain principles that will guide future projects as well. 

  • reduce street clutter and simplify the layout
  • create a street environment that can be used flexibly for a variety of different purposes depending on the time of day and the season of the year
  • provide a welcoming and attractive entrance to the commercial centre
  • provide a setting in which the shops and restaurants in Church Street can thrive
Church Street, Leatherhead
Church Street, Leatherhead
Church Street, Leatherhead

Much has been learnt during the construction of the Church Street scheme which can inform future projects. The surface materials and street furniture can be used elsewhere in the town centre when funding becomes available.

The focus in the coming months will be on High Street. Although a full scale scheme for High Street is not currently on the agenda, there are a series of small scale improvements that can be considered. MVDC is working with partners to improve maintenance, repairs and replacement street furniture as well as with the Chamber of Commerce to look at improvements to the street market.

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