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Salary and Organisational Information

Mole Valley District Council (MVDC)'s staff pay policy, pay scales and salary disclosure guidance are available to be viewed (see 'Downloads').

Organisational and contextual information

As of March 2017, MVDC had 244.11 full time equivalent employees. For up-to-date information about headcount of full time and part time staff, please email

For more information about MVDC's income and expenditure (including figures and forecasts), please visit GOV.UK.

Senior management salaries

  • Chief Executive - £99,130 - £110,077
  • one full time Deputy Chief Executive/Section 151 Officer: £80,604 - £91,917 
  • one full time Monitoring Officer: £54,705 - £58,672
  • 5 full time Corporate Heads of Service (one on secondment from Surrey County Council): £66,171 to £74,696 (salary scale applicable to those employed directly by MVDC)

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