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About the Festival

'Arts Alive' began as a two-week literature festival taking place during the last two weeks of October. Now Arts Alive is a 6 weeks long festival, designed to provide an opportunity for all members of the community to participate an enjoy arts activities. It ranges from all different events such as music, dance, musicals, theatre, poetry and other forms of entertainment, suitable for all ages and gender. Since it was first established it has grown to become one of the largest annual community arts festival in the South East. This year we are celebrating the 23rd Anniversary of Arts Alive.


-The initial idea of hosting a 'Festival of Arts' was agreed by the Mole Valley District Council Recreational Services in July 1987. It was proposed to organise an event that:

-Encompasses a number of art forms in which people of all ages and interest groups can participate both in an active and passive sense'

-This 'Festival of Arts' ran for six weeks in September and October 1988 and ran for 4 subsequent years.

-In 1994, the 'Festival of Arts' was fully established running for six weeks in September and October. There were approximately 60 events with the large proportion being music and talks and presentations.

-It was then renamed 'Mole Valley Arts Alive Festival' in 1997, after a Working Group was founded. The festival ran for only 2 weeks. 35 groups/artists contributed to the event and 21 nationally known companies were hosted.

-In 1998 it was agreed that 'Mole Valley Arts Alive Festival' would become an annual event, for two weeks of the year.

-Over the years it has developed into its current duration of a 6 week festival with over 100 events.

-In 2011, 'Mole Valley Arts Alive' established its own independent committee which received support from Mole Valley District Council. The festival continues to go from strength to strength.

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