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Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

The consultation on the Community Infrastructure Levy Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule has closed. All comments will be considered when preparing the Draft Charging Schedule.

The Community Infrastructure Levy

The Community infrastructure Levy (CIL) allows Local Authorities to raise money from development for the provision of infrastructure that is required as a result of new development. The CIL levy is non-negotiable, however there are exemptions for some types of development such as affordable housing.

CIL will replace the way developers currently contribute towards the provision of infrastructure through the Surrey Planning Infrastructure Contributions (PIC).

The first stage in preparing the CIL is to establish and consult on a Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule. This was consulted on between 8th March to 26th April 2013. It set out the levy that developers will be required to pay when they wish to build new residential and retail development across the district. The Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule is supported by economic viability appraisals and an Infrastructure Delivery Plan, which can be downloaded below (see 'Downloads' at the bottom of this page).

How CIL is Charged

The levy is expressed as £ per square metre and charged on the net additional floorspace generated by a development that is used by people and has an internal floorspace greater than 100 square metres or the creation of a new dwelling. CIL will not be charged for a change of use. The Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule proposed to charge the CIL on residential and retail (convenience). The proposed CIL rates are as follows:

  • Residential £125 per square metre
  • Retail (convenience) £100 per square metre

Infrastructure Need and Funding Gap

Charging Authorities need to identify the total cost of infrastructure that it desires to fund in whole or in part from the levy. The Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) considers what additional infrastructure is needed across the district to support new development and what other sources of funding are available. The 'Infrastructure Delivery Plan' can be downloaded below (see 'Downloads' at the bottom of this page).

Estimated Revenue

For the purpose of estimating CIL revenue, the target of providing 181 dwellings per annum as set out in the Core Strategy has been used to estimate the projected revenue. Over a 10 year period this totals 1,810 dwellings. However, this figure includes affordable housing which is exempt from being charged CIL. Removing affordable housing will leave around 1,357 units of chargeable development. Based on previous monitoring data it is expected there would be around 141,190 sqm of new residential floorspace that could be charged CIL in a ten year period. With a CIL rate for residential development of £125 per square metre it is therefore estimated that around £17,773,500 could be raised through CIL over a 10 year period.

One site for convenience floorspace is expected to be developed within the next 10 years. This has been allocated through the Dorking Town Area Action Plan. The size of the store is not yet known. Therefore, for the purpose of estimating the CIL revenue, a floorspace of 5,000 square metres has been used. This could raise around £500,000 over the 10 year period.

Therefore the total estimated revenue from the CIL is £18,273,500.

Next Steps

All comments on the Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule will be analysed and taken into account in preparing the Draft Charging Schedule. There will be an opportunity to comment on the Draft Charging Schedule before it is submitted to the Secretary of State.
If you have queries on the Community Infrastructure Levy, please contact the Planning Policy Team either by email at planning.policy@molevalley.gov.uk or telephone 01306 879281.

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