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Exemptions from Building Regulations

Not all work requires consent under the building regulations. The following list, although not exhaustive, outlines the more common building work which is exempt from the regulations.

Small detached buildings

  • A detached building, floor area less than 15 square metres, which contains no sleeping accommodation
  • A detached building, floor area less than 30 square metres, which contains no sleeping accommodation and is either:
  1. Constructed substantially of non-combustible material, or
  2. Sited at least one metre from any boundary

Ground floor extensions

The addition of the following where the floor area does not exceed 30 square metres:

  • Car port (open on at least two sides)
  • Conservatory (with transparent or translucent roof)
  • Covered yard or way
  • Greenhouse
  • Porch

Note 1 - In the case of a conservatory or porch that is wholly or partially glazed, safety glass must be used in certain positions e.g. at low level.

Note 2 - To qualify for the exemption above, conservatories and porches must be unheated, or have a heating system completely independent from the system heating the main property.

Competent persons schemes

Work carried out by a member of an appropriate Competent Persons Scheme e.g. :

  • Electrical work in the home 
  • Gas, oil and solid fuel heating appliances
  • Replacement windows and doors in the home

For more information 

The Interactive House on the Planning Portal gives useful guidance regarding exemptions, and further advice about the Competent Persons Scheme can be found by visiting the Government's Communities website.

For application forms, advice or further information, contact the Building Control Department on 01306 879264, or email: bcadmin@molevalley.gov.uk.

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